The Features Of Instagram Owing To Its Growth

Progress is something that has been our constant partner over the past few centuries. Every idea thought of, every invention made has only been made to make our lives easier. Everything is better, everything is easier than it was before; one click and you are as close to having the whole world on your fingertips. But with the progress came the loss of touch from our human side. We went from being social beings to just another machine-like beings, working for money that never seems to satisfy us, always being in a state of constant mental exhaustion with our faces glued to our inventions as though they would help us survive and fill in the void.

Instagram fan base

Instagram is mostly used by youngsters and celebrities. When you think about social media the only thought is that you get to be social, but Instagram has not only used that feature, it has also made it easier to even earn money through it and get your talent appreciated. Instagram started a new algorithm where the higher the number of Instagram likes, the more the amount debited into your account in the case of very famous people.

Every teenager’s and the majority of adult’s daily routine now includes checking Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But the personal favorite of people is Instagram. Its theme is to share pictures and videos online. On 6th October it was launched by its creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. What started as an innocent way to keep in touch with people, ended up to be something that soon took away people’s time and peace of mind. With this fame over the years, the platforms to buy instagram followers have increased more and more.

Features of likes

There are many more features of the “LIKES” on Instagram.

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  2. Association With The World: Many of us are aware of this feature, but you can actually post your photos and videos with appropriate hashtags. It makes your uploaded pictures and videos public so that anybody searching within the same hashtags would be able to review your picture if it gets plenty of likes.
  3. Boost Up Your Popularity: Everyone wants to get famous overnight and become a celebrity. Well, Instagram can do that for you. All you need is attractive pictures of your product or writing or even yourself. To make it more beautiful, you can write creative captions and use appropriate hashtags. You can also use the followers’ service, just buy instagram followers and leave the rest to Instagram and let the likes do its magic.

Read More... IP : 192.168.l.l Router Login Username & Password

For the connection of the computer networks, we need a networking device. Router is one of the networking device used for computer networking process. Web pages, emails are the form of data types that are sent from one router to the other, and that’s how a communication takes place over a computer network. In an interconnected network, the routers exchange the information of the destination addresses by means of set of routing protocol. The routing tables are built by each router. These routing table consist of the paths present between two systems in an interconnected network. But a router must required its default ip address for login and configure purpose. Using this www login .com to login to your own router and change the default settings and set the new login credentials.

Network element modules:

Router have two kinds of module on network element that are organised in two planes:

  • Control plane: Connection by means of physical interface is done by using static routes which are basically preconfigured internal directives or learning the routes dynamically with the help of router protocol. Storage of these static and dynamic routes is done by means of routing tables.
  • Forwarding plane: Routers, send data packets from source to the destination, creating an interface connection. The packet’s header contains information about the right network type. This information is then matched with the entries supplied by control panel in the FIB.

Types of routers:

Routers are of two types:

  • Corded routers: corded routers are connected with wire. To be exact they are the opposite of wireless routers. Corded routers possess high class data transmission. Before opting for a corded router you need to check the specifications.
  • Wireless routers: to interact or to share the data, these sort of routers don’t use any cord, they are wireless. Using wires could be messy but, on the other hand if you choose to connect all your computers with wireless routers. Then, you free yourself from all wiring problems. They use aerials transmitting signals or even radio waves.


Routers are used for many purposes. They are listed below.


Tips and Tricks to Play Tank Trouble Game

Tank trouble online game is one of the best shooting games in the field now. This game was designed to play in online with friends. There are many other unblocked games but this tank game has proved its results to be the best. This game was made to shoot the other player tank and defeat them. The main objective of this game is to destroy the other player tank and kill them. The one who destroys the other player tank will win the game. There are different levels in this game. Each level is exciting and interesting for the players. You can play the game single or with friends. If you play the game in 1 player mode then your opponent will be the computer. You should destroy the tank to win the game. While playing the game most of the users will loose in short period of time. So, play the tank trouble unblocked game you should know some tips and tricks so that you will win the game more and more quickly.

TTank Trouble Tips and Tricks

TFor our online users we are providing the best tips and tricks to win the tank trouble 1 player unblocked game. If you follow these tips then definitely you will win the game. First read all the tips that are provided here and then start playing the game.

  • First see the complete map of the tank trouble game and analyze it, ensure that you know the way to escape when your opponent shoots the bullets.
  • While playing the game you will get some special bullets, make sure that you grab all those bullets which gives you more strength.
  • Keep the bullets till the end, even if you defeat your opponent make sure that you will have some more bullets.
  • Estimate the complete direction of the bullet before shooting your opponent other wise if the bullet hits to a wall it will come back and kills you.
  • Make sure to move each and every time and not to fix at a constant place because this will give your enemy a chance to find out where you are.
  • Escape from the bullets of your enemy. Move immediately when they shoot.



Just because of that very reason, it is necessary to use a phone case. You never can tell what might happen at any time. Most times, the motive behind buying a case is to beautify our smartphones and not for protection. It is therefore necessary to change that mindset.

Though, I also know that some phone case was designed as to be fashionable. They might actually beautify your phone, nut they might not be strong enough to protect your phone. So it’s actually better to be realistic and not go with what’s trending but what will be good for your phone. So let me show you some cases that will be good for you.


These phone cases are used normally for devices with rubberized i.e. they are made of plastic.


This is type of case is particularly designed for multimedia videos and audio.


These are very light and loose covers and that’s why it is called ‘socks’.

They can only provide the basic part of protection to your phone because of their lightness.

They are the most common type of cases and also usually available in different shapes and sizes.


These types of cases are made of linen leather which is usually soft.
The covers are very similar to the smartphone socks and they share the same advantages and disadvantages.


These cases are designed to replace the initial casing that comes with your smartphone.
It provides additional protection to your phone by covering the entire phone.
But it also depends on the kind of design and its level of protection varies.


These cases are fitted to the phones, in order to suspend them safely. These cases are mostly designed so that your phones can be fitted to a belt, your car's interior or to the handlebars of your automobiles.


These cases are considered to be the best combination of design and protection.
They are strong and beautiful and can be easily clipped to your phone.